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Cheryl McPhilimy
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Cheryl McPhilimy

Professional Speaker and Executive Visibility Coach

Keynotes, Half and Full-Day Workshops, Seminars

Yes Comment!  Master the Art of the Media Interview
Acquire the skills you need to make the most of your experience “on the record.”  You’ll learn the ins and outs of an expert media interview from a PR agency president and former reporter, including how to speak in sound bites, anticipate hard questions and shape the conversation rather than be led through it.  Don’t settle for just surviving a media interview – be a strong public ambassador for your company or cause in every interview.

Ideal for CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs

Getting Ink:  A PR Toolkit
Learn the basics of PR strategy and implementation – including media relations, alternatives to traditional press releases and positioning yourself as an expert in your industry.  Cheryl ’s engaging, practical approach provides you with the tools you need to make the most of your PR efforts and see what you want to see in print, online and on the air.  As PR agency president and former reporter, Cheryl shares her insight on how journalists really think and prepares her audience to reap the benefits of establishing credibility and leveraging visibility through the media.

Ideal for small business owners, marketers, board members, associations

Leveraging Your Personal Visibility
Visibility is the key to expanding business and opportunity.  Cheryl will guide you through the essential steps of leveraging your personal visibility to pave the way for future success.  Learn how to strategically use PR, media relations and other communication strategies to tell your success story and get the attention you deserve.

Ideal for business women, small business owners, marketers, board members, associations, CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs

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