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The hallmark of McPhilimy Associates’ approach is creating a customized solution for each and every client. The team will work with you

  • On-site at your business,
  • In McPhilimy Associates’ studio in Chicago’s River North district,
  • On the road with you at a make-or-break appearance with customers, stockholders or high-profile industry events

Sessions are designed for your needs, style and budget. Client agreements typically fall into one of three arrangements:

  • By the hour – Book just what you need, when you need it.
  • By the project – Work with a coach toward a specific project goal, such as developing a personal communications plan, verbalizing a corporate mission and vision, or preparing for a high-stakes presentation or media interview.
  • Retainer – For those who believe in continuous improvement.

Whatever the setting or circumstances, McPhilimy Associates guarantees that you have the strategy and communications tactics to accomplish your goals. And, because they come from outside your inner circle, the McPhilimy team brings the fresh perspective and objectivity that you need to assess the value and validity of your message.

“They give you an honest, heads-up assessment. More than that, they help you see and avoid the minefield.”

Healthcare executive

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