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True Or False

The pursuit of excellence. It’s what drives you and your team. You strategize, you plan, you set goals and metrics for every aspect of your business… or do you? Do you have a strategic, systematic approach to your communication?

Take this quick quiz:

  • I count on my colleagues or my spouse to tell me how the speech went.
  • Most of my team members probably can’t confidently or concisely explain our mission.
  • I like my board members and know they care, but I’d rather I be our public ambassador.
  • I typically finish drafting the presentation with just enough time to load it onto the laptop or send the slides to the meeting planner, but not enough time to rehearse.
  • After a media interview, I often find myself thinking, “I wish I’d said…”

If you answered “true” to one or more of these, you have an opportunity to improve your communications strategy and style. If you’re ready to go to work on it, McPhilimy Associates can help you. The McPhilimy approach is customized just for you and based on methods proven in years of one-on-one and small group work with executives and business leaders. The McPhilimy team measures their success by your success. They succeed when your best, most authentic self shines through in high-profile communications situations and you masterfully apply the skills they’ve coached you on.

How can McPhilimy help you? Call us at (312) 988-1270, email us, or sign up for our updates, tips and tasteful announcements.