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Who Hires Us

McPhilimy Associates works with a select group of firms and individuals. Every engagement is grounded in a personal connection with the client, a thorough understanding of the organization and its goals, and a respect for the complex issues and demands that high-performance executives deal with on a daily basis.

The business leaders who profit from McPhilimy Associates’ expert counsel are:

  • Success-minded executives who recognize the value of having a personal communications style and an organizational communications strategy. They strive to continually be better at what they do and how they do it.
  • Results-oriented entrepreneurs who serve as their own best spokespersons.
  • Professionals and content experts whose success depends upon their visibility in their marketplace.
  • Rising stars, who are new to public speaking and talking to the media.

McPhilimy Associates’ clients are busy individuals who choose carefully where and how to invest their time. They constantly hone their skills because they know their actions matter. And they value an advisor who respects their desire for results, understands the pressures they face and cares passionately about their success.

“She’s more than a speech coach. What she really did was engage us where we were at and help us develop, both in terms of presentation and in being able to get our message across, but even more important, in how to really bring our ideas to life.”

Principal, consulting firm

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“Cheryl understands that doing only ‘okay’ is an indicator of lost opportunity. It’s about being excellent – at the top of your game in every public interaction.”

Partner, sales training firm

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