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The 5 C’s

With McPhilimy Associates’ coaching, you learn the 5 C’s of powerful communications and master the keys to A-level performance:

1. CONTENT: Every audience likes a good story. The best speakers have a game plan and structure for every communication, whether internal or external.  From a 30-second introduction to an hour-long press conference, a skilled leader is armed and ready with a fail-safe method for quickly organizing content and generating maximum impact.

Keys to A-level performance: design, build, deliver

2. CLARITY: If you have a vision and a strategy to achieve it, congratulations. Now ask yourself, are your board, leadership team, employees, customers and vendors crystal clear on the strategy and are they translating it into action? Out of understanding comes energy – energy that ensures your key stakeholders not only embrace your vision, but are working to fulfill it.

Keys to A-level performance:  think, speak, engage

3. CONNECTION: Communication is a careful blend of head and heart, reason and emotion.  No matter how much you are tempted to “let the facts speak for themselves,” or “get to the bottom line,” you communicate best when you connect on multiple levels.  Accomplished leaders know how to frame their messages and meet people where they are. 

Keys to A-level performance:  be flexible, be genuine, be present

4. CONFIDENCE: A television interview, a photo shoot or a major speech to a critical audience can unnerve even the most self-possessed executive. The 24-hour news cycle raises the stakes, and with it the risk of a media ambush that demands instant responses to thorny questions. Sometimes you have to deliver bad news, such as layoffs or missed quarterly performance targets. Consider it an investment in yourself when you learn the ins and outs of preparing for high-stakes public appearances.

Keys to A-level performance:  rise to the occasion, embody your messages, radiate assurance

5. CHARISMA: It’s an elusive quality to define, but most of us know charisma when we encounter it. You exude charisma when you are comfortable with the power of your personality and your authority without letting ego overtake authenticity.

Keys to A-level performance: Bring your audience with you, convey humility and humor, let your true self shine

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