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Our Approach

Every McPhilimy client gets personal attention. Keen listeners and astute observers, we take the time to understand your business and your distinctive voice, vision and style.

We work with you on your communications strategy, from getting your mission down on paper to identifying a methodology for reaching each of your stakeholder groups to crafting your messages, for internal, external or media audiences. Once we’ve established the answers to foundational questions such as “What do you have to say?” “To whom?” and “With what result?” then we lay out a customized plan to use the power of communications to advance your business goals.

With McPhilimy Associates’ coaching, you learn the 5 C’s of powerful communications and master the keys to A-level performance: content, clarity, connection, confidence, charisma.

“McPhilimy Associates was very thorough, patient and understanding when teaching me to get the message out properly…

Automotive industry executive

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“Cheryl brings out the hidden sage in interview-shy spokespeople. She coaxes out your key messages and talking points and helps you frame them in your own words. No more post-interview or post-presentation laments—you get it right the first time.”

Vice president external relations and corporate communications

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