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Blog Category: In the Spotlight

Tiger’s Apology:  Accomplished At Least

Necessary and done.  That’s the briefest best I’ve got for Tiger Woods’ press conference yesterday.  Over-rehearsed some say.  Under-rehearsed is more like it.  My professional assessment is that he gave it three or four out-loud run-throughs.  Double that would be about right.  Good rehearsal means you’ve arrived at the point where you embody the message. You are the speech and the speech is you. 

To those who criticize his having a speechwriter work with him, I think he’d be crazy not to.  He’s a golfer not a rhetorician.  He needs to control his own message in this venue and not be making rambling, off-the-cuff remarks, as car-wreck fascinating as that might be. 

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That Kind of Editor

“I can’t even look at a menu,” said a journalist turned corporate communicator I know.  We were talking about the doubled-edged blessing and curse of being a copy editor.  You see typos everywhere.  And they bother you.

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