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Tetris Leads to Brain Efficiency? Alrighty then

Admitting you have a problem is the first step.  Right?  Okay, I’m a Tetris addict.  And a Zuma addict.  And a Minesweeper addict.  I know what you are thinking, Bejeweled too?  No, not Bejeweled.  But the rest, definitely. 

Perhaps I should say recovering addict.  I’ve entirely given up playing.  Not with will power (yeah, that didn’t work) but by blocking such games from my PC.  You do what you have to do. 

I was, though, heartened to read an article on the Tetris pressroom entitled, “Tetris Leads to Brain Efficiency and Thicker Cortex.”  Who knows what a thicker cortex does for you, but it’s got to be good.  Researchers at the Mind Research Network conducted a three-month study of adolescent girls playing Tetris.  They apparently showed greater brain efficiency.  Is “brain efficiency” a fancy term for laziness or for smarts?  I’m going with the latter.

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